Is brand purpose enough?

//Is brand purpose enough?

Is brand purpose enough?

“Culture doesn’t wait for your brand”.

That’s from Jason Kahner, President of Global Health & Wellness, Grey Group, at a recent Mumbrella conference & reported in their daily email, August 26.

I agree with Jason. He’s saying you will lose playing culture catch up.

But his focus on “brand” purpose and the role of marketing?

I simply disagree that its through an emphasis on marketing strategy that a business defines & executes its purpose & values to drive cultural change & societal engagement.

It’s always through the leadership’s systemic execution of purpose across whole-of-being of an organisation.

Just look at IKEA’s approach to challenging itself through its purpose & the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It’s response? A completely new business model of subscription furniture. 💥

That’s a whole-of-being business response. It changes everything.

It’s only leadership through organisational purpose, not brand activation of purpose, that achieves seismic shifts like that.

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