Deliciously conscious or hard to swallow?

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Deliciously conscious or hard to swallow?

Did anyone else receive the UberEats promotion today for “Shout Lunch”? I was delighted at first bite but was then left with a curiously bad aftertaste.

I give kudos to UberEats for using their platform to raise funds for a great cause and for donating $50K to boot. Awesome.

What I find tough to chew on is the way they are doing this. Essentially…buy from us first to then trigger the ability for you to give a further donation to the charity.

I don’t know the maths, but I think their $50K would be on the way to being covered by the sales resulting from this call to action. Yes?

I’m happy to be proven wrong @UberEats! But I’d like to know how much your donation ends up being after sales please.

If I’m right, and I hope I’m not (I truly do), this isn’t purpose. Nor is it charity. It’s a sales promotion cloaked in faux social conscience. And that’s just simply lacking any nutritional values at all.

But let’s please support the cause!

My suggestion is that if you’d like to support Shout Lunch, do it directly via their website.

Now…as an action, that’s both tasty AND nutritious.

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