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“Tony has an innate ability to leverage the power of people. Initially engaged to work with the senior leadership team, Tony helped us to challenge ourselves and articulate our point of difference in what was a confused offering. Subsequently working with the team at all levels, he transformed mindsets from purely ‘execution’ to ‘trusted advisors’ and empowered individuals to own business development outcomes. I feel privileged to have the benefit of Tony’s ongoing counsel leading into my next challenge.”

David Burton
Divisional Director, COO – Pepper Property Group
Senior Advisor – Alternative Edge

“Tony has an impressive ability to advise and facilitate leaders and teams to discover and/or clarify their purpose. He connects authentically and creates the psychological safety necessary to do the deep work.”

Vince Pierce
Transformation Senior Executive

“In working with our Management Team, Tony as a creative, strategic thinker and planner, has facilitated growth into a more collaborative style of leadership.

Tony has the capacity to bring together processes which fit the values and mission of an organisation, unlocking the potential for change and opportunities for ‘being more’.”

Sr. Colleen Keeble
Sisters of Saint Joseph Director
Mary MacKillop Place

“I am genuinely impressed with how you’re building a system to support a purpose led growth strategy and bring some rigour to the ROI and operationalisation of this”.

Lewis Pullen
Head of Marketing and Sales
iptiQ, The Swiss Re Group

“We have been working with Tony for the last 6 months and the team are loving the experience. Comments from the team such as “He helps us access what is there in front of us but we haven’t seen it” – “My interaction with our partners is so much easier and enjoyable now as we have a shared purpose”.

The program we are on with Tony is adding real benefit to the team, having group meetings and then each team member having one-on-one sessions with him has taken our team performance to a whole new level in a very short time.

Tony has a gift for positively engaging with people, and this with the knowledge he is gained about our industry is giving us an unfair advantage in the market.”

Shaun Hand
General Manager

“Tony Bonney is one of the most impressive Customer Engagement Strategists I have had the privilege of working with. For fear of embarrassing him, we refer to him as the ‘Customer Whisperer’.”

Cameron Pearson
Director – Growth, Innovation and Marketing
Cover-More Insurance

“Our purpose is very clear. What Tony helped us solve was finding shared value with our wonderful corporate partners and extend that out to the broader public. The Smith Family was founded at Christmas time, but the organisations purpose was not clear to everyone we partner with, or wanted to engage at that special time of year. We have found new rich territories to explore with our partners that is strengthening their brands and their organisations at the same time as it is ours. Tony has helped us deliver real shared value.”

Rosie Simpson
Head of Fundraising
The Smith Family

“I first met Tony when we were on an arts board together; he is an exceptionally fine director and led us on a strategy session that challenged us on ethics, purpose and outcomes in a uniquely positive way. I then engaged Tony as a mentor and adviser for me and he is making an enormous and again positive difference to my purpose and results. We are establishing a college of experts to teach MBA type skills for the insurance sector and Tony is making a distinctive contribution.”

Dr. Ian Enright

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