Are sinking or swimming really our only choices?

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Are sinking or swimming really our only choices?

I own an event company & a professional services firm. Great combination in our COVID economy! 🤣

You know, when lock-down started, I thought speed (to pivot…something) was going to be critical. I started swimming hard to get to the “other side”.

But as the other side has become further & further away, the virus has become teacher, schooling me that when in the water you need to focus your limited energy on the things that matter.

“So then, what matters?” was my question.

A speedy pivot…to what? It was clear I’d be thrashing around from idea-to-idea; sinking slowly with each turn.

So, I stopped, took a breath & slowly allowed the water to turn me on my back & send me adrift. It was hard! But in that stillness I remembered…

My purpose
The how & what of my purpose are just expressions of it, in service of it…not containers of it
Curiosity & humility are key tools for re-imagining, creating

With that knowledge, I have now rolled back over & am steadily swimming again; & I look forward to sharing what has emerged from my floating time with some announcements over the coming weeks.

In the interim, I hope you you’ve found some floating time as well. If you did, what did you discover?

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