Tony Bonney
Tony BonneyManaging Director and Head of Strategy
I co-create adaptive cultures and commercial differentiation with our clients through the systemic application of their values and purpose.
It’s great work to be doing and I love it.

But my career was not always so enjoyable. I’d been in customer and team engagement for 35 years. Firstly as an agent for some of Australia’s largest names in music and then for 20 years operating a customer engagement and experiential agency that worked globally. But it’s in the last 5 it really came together.

It was when I noticed I was trying to have “the most right” idea in meetings, scoring the “smart points”. I didn’t feel I was operating with integrity. By “being right”, I was simply being wrong. It wasn’t OK for anyone.

By reconnecting with my personal purpose; as a generous connector of people, ideas, businesses and opportunity. I needed to once again be the safe place for ideas to be explored and loved, not judged. I needed to use my experience for curiosity, not answers. I had to be trusted to be safe, not right. This realisation is when it all turned around for me.

It started with trust. In response I created Grow. On Purpose.

In the same way purpose has given me trust, focus and differentiation, every day I enable businesses to thrive by weaving their purpose into their systems. Purpose delivers for every business. Helping them be loved by their shareholders, teams and customers and envied by their competitors.

Yes, I love my work.

35 years consulting experience at the most senior levels globally
Works at the unique intersection of purpose / culture / leadership / ethics / strategy
Early adopter of Purpose in commerce
Founding member of Conscious Capitalism in Australia
Former Associate Partner, Australia of Axialent, the global Conscious Business experts
Accredited Leadership Circle consultant
Accredited Agile coach
Imperative partner Australia
Sharlene Taylor
Sharlene TaylorGeneral Manager
My career working in engaging clients and customers spans 21 years.

I have worked in large and small agencies and the focus of my work over that time has been in the design and delivery of complex activations and below the line marketing activities for clients as diverse as Virgin Australia, The Australian Rugby Union, Otsuka, Komatsu, AbbVie, Coty, FIFA, The Asian Football Confederation, Multiplex, the Property Industry Foundation and Qantas.

Leading the operations, I direct client outcomes and top-end strategies, delivering projects here and overseas, including the ‘live’ delivery and event management of purpose-led projects at client conferences and events.

20 year collaboration with the business
25 years of project management experience globally
Also GM of Podium Business Events, delivering engagement with clients since 1994
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