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Have you ever launched a business with a partner you’ve never met? Today, I do!

On Tuesday I shared how COVID forced me to reconnect with what matters to me and, through the stillness of my purpose, shape a response that’s not a pivot, but a new expression.

So, today I’m sharing Being Heard; developed with Justin JG Cooper; who I’ve never met in person (thanks for the intro Chris Savage)…isn’t that a sign of the times.

My purpose is to be a creator of trust. In my consulting firm, Grow On Purpose, that’s expressed as “growing you through your purpose”.

Pre-COVID, that meant growing your business.

In-COVID, I realised the most useful kind of Purpose-led growth I could best support would be in the trust and affinity we have with each other.

And, so, Being Heard has been created.

We are very proud and pleased that we have been able to design how an organisation can systemically help its people feel heard and part of something meaningful…in a scalable, affordable and human way.

Even if they never meet in person.

Would love to know what you think.

Thanks for your support

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