Which Grass Is Greener For You?

//Which Grass Is Greener For You?

Which Grass Is Greener For You?

How Green Is Your Grass?

How often do we view that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, only to get there & find…it isn’t. You already had what you needed, all around you. You simply hadn’t yet seen it.

The truth is, you needed a new lens, not a new lawn.

One new lens is the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation that emerged from the August 19 US Business Roundtable. This document challenges the long-held position, espoused by Milton Friedman, of shareholder primacy over all others.

Whether you align with Friedman’s position or not, a seismic philosophical shift has occurred that resulted in 181 of the biggest corps in the world, like AMEX, FoxCorp & BlackRock, disagreeing with him; & now seeing their role in the world differently.

History tells us that there will be an impact from change this BIG. Future relevance can’t be assured through continuing business as usual. An opening has appeared & through it will emerge those that adapt. It will create the new Atlassians, Amazons & Roches. It will reveal those unable to evolve to meet changing needs; just like the Nokias, Blackberrys & Kodaks.

Which side of that fence will you choose to be on? Because you do get to choose. The choices are all around you, if only you could see them

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